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We are providing a platform for young student athletes to share content and emerge on-to scout's radars. 

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Dear Prospects,

You are CORNERSTONE of our platform.


You are the lifeblood.

You are the past, the present and the future of organized sports.


You competing at such a level will have more demanded of you than you could ever expect and that is why we at Emerge, Inc. are committed to helping you navigate a convoluted recruiting process. 

In 2016, there were 7.8 million male and female athletes participating in high school sports domestically (trending up about 70,000 heads per year). That scholarship that people chase, that YOU chase, has come to symbolize so many things.

To some it is the pursuit of a passion, to some there are professional aspirations, for some it is a haven away from tougher times, maybe it is the financial reprieve to pay for the higher education you aspire to.


The takeaway is everyone’s reason, everyone’s passion, is different and the solution isn’t a one solution fits all. 

That is why we are arming you with the platform to discover, to explore and to self-promote yourself into the next phase of your athletic journey. Good luck and we look forward to helping!

Dear Coaches,

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A needed, but often less heralded part of the industry. 


It is there on every team, of every level, for every gender, in every sport. A constant presence. A presence that guides young minds. That develops gifts and talents. That helps people develop in various avenues of life. That builds programs into empires that bring people to their feet nationwide. That never let the values built in the sports be forgotten. 

This age of media has allowed unparallel amount of communication, innovation and discovery. At Emerge Inc, we want you to harness all of that in efforts to not only discover those perfect candidates for your program, but to promote your own personal image. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and so we decided we needed to arm you with so much more. Instead, we give you a platform designed to visually accentuate and reinforce your strongest attributes to distinguish you from your peers. A platform that verifies quantifiable data saving your scouting energies. A platform that allows you to paint your vision to your candidate for the coach who isn’t a wordsmith. All of this while operating from within a privatized network to sidestep this now overly public process. 

So for all the help you extend to others. Let us help you. Let us help you continue to give and develop. To continue to help the next generation get noticed, not overlooked. And perhaps to at long last sell your personal brand.

Dear University Admin,

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For every athlete that will come and go, we at Emerge, Inc. refuse to forget the second critical piece of the puzzle.

The University.

As a solution-based team of people dedicated to helping you self-promote at a higher level, ultimately bridging the gaps in the recruiting process, we aim to engage you not as a vendor but as a business advocate. The difference being we are in it for the long haul. 

In an overly public, overwhelmingly large market, the necessity for assistance in navigating such an undertaking grows by the day. A domestic target pool of 8 million student athletes with varying ambitions litter this 2,800 mile wide country of ours. In a world of glitz, glamor and flash, it has become about separation. Separation from one’s peers, separation from the competition, etc.


We are here to help you separate yourself. Whether you are a large public university or a smaller private institution, one person’s needs doesn’t necessarily line up with the other. 

Maybe you are the institution looking to build your brand recognition. Maybe you are the hidden jewel of the north lost in the shuffle to a state school. Maybe you are the state school that is overwhelmed with overbearing publicity and pool of options.


This platform is designed to bridge the gaps in all of these things. The finances that may or may not be able to be allocated to your athletic department. To put people virtually on the campus they may never get to step foot on. To promote yourself at a visual level and sell yourself like you never have been able to.


Let metrics set the table and the visual component sell your brand, all within your own privatized ecosystem boxing out the noise of the world. 


Our goal is to help.

To help you.

To help the athletes.

To help everyone Emerge, distinguish and get noticed, not overlooked.

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