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We provide the tools for you to Get Noticed, Not Overlooked 


Introducing: The Emerge Scholarship!


We at Emerge are starting a fund for a few deserving athletes. Please view our Scholarship page to learn more!
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NCAA Compliant


Get Noticed, Not Overlooked!


Upload a mix of video content, stats, educational information, and personal information to show recruiters why they need you in their locker room. 

The amount of rules and regulations can be daunting, so we built them seamlessly into our platform, including our messaging system to keep you in contact.

Opportunity Identification

Discover relevant opportunities such as camps self-promote and disseminate yourself from your peers in this intricate marketing of recruiting.

Find the Best Program for You

We remove the financial, geographical, and awareness barriers from the recruitment process. With our unique profiles and easy to use search features, we help both students and institutions find their ideal candidates.

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